Gang Show Gallery

Not really sure what a Gang Show is, or forgotten what ours looks like? Check out our Gang Show gallery below that is filled with some of our favourite moments from our previous few shows.

A massive thank you to Richard Holton Photography for all of the amazing photos used throughout our website and in this gallery, we are sure you will agree that he has done a great jobs of photographing our show.

Please note that all of the photos in this gallery are subject to copyright and should not be used without the permission of Marple Gang Show.


Video Gallery

Each year one of our production team creates a two videos of the show, one is a 'Gang Show in 3' and the other is a 'Backstage' video.

These videos very quickly show the amount of hard work and dedication that is put into the show by all of our cast and crew.

You can view our most recent videos on this page and all of our 'Gang Show in 3' and 'Backstage' videos on YouTube.

Happy watching!